High Standards since 1945

World War II was just about ending in 1945 when the Stueve family founded Alta Dena Dairy.  Committed to the highest standard of dairy processing, Alta Dena earned "Certified Dairy" status in 1953 from the American Association of Medical Milk Commissions. This is a guarantee that Alta Dena's milk meets special requirements for safety, nutrition and production standards.  It has kept this high standard continually for over 50 years. 

1958 - The “Healthy Milk” Dairy Expands

As Alta Dena expanded, the dairy farm at the City of Industry site sold its herds to local family farmers and signed exclusive long-term supply contracts with them, a practice that continues today. In 1958, Alta Dena was the dairy pioneer in the emerging Natural Food Industry. Over the next 20 years, Alta Dena became known as the "healthy milk" in Southern California and also obtained distribution across the US and in five foreign countries.  During this time, Alta Dena launched all-natural products including: Kefir, an all-natural European-style cultured beverage with acidophilus, and Maya, a whole milk fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt, as well as a low-fat fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. These were followed shortly by a non-fat version sweetened with fruit juice and a European-style blended yogurt.


“The Dairy that cares about your health, naturally”

During the last decade, Alta Dena introduced even more exciting products. Organic milk, cheeses, orange juice and eggs further carried out the company's theme of  "The dairy that cares about your health, naturally."



Dean Foods sustains Alta Dena’s “Pure, Wholesome, and Good” Brand

In 1999, Dean Foods Company acquired Alta Dena, providing additional resources to help Alta Dena sustain new product development and maintain its brand position as "Pure, Wholesome, and Good."

Since 2003, Alta Dena has introduced a new logo design, new upgraded retail packaging, single serve sizes of Alta Dena milks and orange juice, a line of  Lowfat cup yogurts, as well as low fat and whole chocolate milks.